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"Everyone here at Momentum is very positive and encouraging, from Connie, the receptionist, who does her best to make your appointments at convenient times for your schedule, to the physical therapist assistants, Sonja and Tara, who did very well in instructing me in the best exercises for my inner thigh and groin tendon problem, for setting up the "electrodes" and for massaging the area prior to treatment (Tara). I cannot say enough good about Hailey, my main physical therapist, who helped me to maintain a positive mental attitude throughout and to execute the dry needle technique with very much skill. I learned a lot from the other patients, most of whom were in worse shape than me! Although the interactions there were limited I could see their improvement over the time period I have been a patient. Sincerely, Dr. Mary C."
Apr 11, 2019
"When i came in i was still experiencing pain from knee surgery. Momentum added the dry needling service after my workouts and i ahve noticed that i have been able to walk the soccer sidelines with a lot less pain than before. i used to limp to the field and back to the car after the game. Now i am walking with much more confidence on even and uneven surfaces. My knees do not hurt nearly as often and i have found that i haven't had to use ice as often since coming to Momentum. Thank you for taking away the pain."
Apr 04, 2019
"I think the program for my shoulder really helped. Also, the entire staff was very helpful> thought the exercises were great. I hope I don't have to come back. (smile) Thanks."
Apr 04, 2019
"Great staff - very helpful! I received physical therapy for a frozen shoulder. Everyone was very nice and really helped with my issues. I hope I don't require additional therapy - but will be back if I do!"
Apr 02, 2019
"I have nothing but the highest praise for everyone at Momentum, they are the most caring people and i trust them with my care. After my therapy ended i felt that i was leaving family, they made me feel that i was always welcome back. and their Wellness program i will be utilizing, as well as their massage option."
Mar 28, 2019
"Therapy was GREAT and the staff did great work! Every one was like family. I was treated wonderful and my work outs were awesome, actually my whole family comes here and I will continue recommend Momentum to everyone!"
Mar 26, 2019
"After my Car crash I was having problems with back, shoulder, and arm. I had never done PT before and had no idea of what to expect or if this would even work. Upon arrival, I was immediately put at ease and made to feel very welcome. After a couple of months, I am happy to say that I am pain-free and getting back to my normal day to day activities thanks to Momentum and the great staff!"
Mar 22, 2019
"This is definately a 5 star clinic! The PT and staff are very nice and helps you to feel better, despite your injury. I highly recommend them and will tell all of my family and friends to come here for treatment!"
Mar 15, 2019
"I really appreciate coming to Momentum. I feel much better and I would recommend Momentum to anyone who needs Physical Therapy."
Mar 11, 2019
"Very professional, a good experience all the way around!"
Mar 08, 2019
"The service was very helpful."
Mar 08, 2019
"Momentum is the best when it comes to physical therapy. The staff is the best from the owner to the employees. They are professional in every way. They are truly concerned about your problem and will work with you to alleviate it. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else for physical therapy. "
Feb 28, 2019
"Good service. I learned a lot about how to correct my posture--which relieves much of my symptoms. I REALLY like electric heat stimulation. Kelsey and others were very helpful and explained what to do."
Feb 07, 2019
"This has been a very positive experience. I would recommend Momentum to friends. Everyone was friendly and professional. My shoulder is a lot better"
Jan 29, 2019
"Great experience. Problems with shoulder and neck solved. Delightful staff, very professional. "
Jan 28, 2019
"Momentum staff was GREAT, EXCELLENT, AND GREAT TEAM!! My treatments from beginning to the end were A1 service and I am well pleased!!!!!!"
Jan 24, 2019
"I suffered a hip break in a bicycle accident, and had a partial hip replacement. I chose Momentum to help with my rehab based upon the recommendations of several family members who had good experiences. The quality of their rehab work was outstanding. I'm fairly active and athletic, and asked Kelsey to push me. After twelve weeks worth of work, I am riding a spinning bike in the gym, and am able to work out better than before the hip break. All of the staff at Momentum are excellent, and gave me lots of personal attention."
Jan 22, 2019
"A remarkable experience for me. I came in unable to stand for a short period of time, leaving renewed and feel great I highly recommend this company they can get you feeling great. "
Jan 22, 2019
"Thanks for all the great service and care everyone does to help improve my mobility. all are the best!!!!!!!"
Jan 18, 2019
"Great group of therapists who work impressively well as a team. Therapists have been good at encouraging me yet pushing me to try challenging activities. My progress has been very good and I look forward to more exercises (instead of dreading activities, which was an initial fear.)"
Jan 09, 2019
"The best of the best of the BEST!!!!!! I love Momentum the staff is Great!!!! My hip is much better thanks to Cole, Kelsey, Nick, Sonia and Tara!!!!! Never a long wait, very professional and best interest in mind and I'm joining wellness to continue my excellent progress!. "
Jan 07, 2019
"Everyone is very helpful, kind, and supportive. I have made progress everyone is very skilled. I worked mostly with Nick. Stephanie was also very good "
Jan 04, 2019
"Momentum is great for PT! Everyone was friendly, caring and most of all my shoulder feels great! Happy New Year"
Jan 02, 2019
"Great people! Great Professionals! Momentum has everything!"
Dec 21, 2018
"Great people! Great Professionals! Momentum has everything!"
Dec 13, 2018
"My PT experience was great!!!! I was in a lot of pain my first appointment but I was assured by Kelsey that I would get better. I thank Kelsey along with Sonia and Tara because they all helped my recovery time to be less painful and fun, plus my back feels so much better. I will recommend Momentum to whoever needs therapy. THANKS, EVERYONE for being caring, nice, and for the friendly environment !!! "
Dec 12, 2018
"Had a great experience at Momentum. The entire staff is so helpful & friendly; would definitely recommend AND my tennis elbow is better. "
Dec 05, 2018
"Great service, very attentive, very kind and very helpful. I would go back again, People there work together and make for a very great atmosphere. Kudos to everyone."
Nov 30, 2018
"Great service, very attentive, very kind and very helpful. I would go back again, People there work together and make for a very great atmosphere. Kudos to everyone."
Nov 30, 2018
"I came to Momentum with a frozen shoulder. I couldn't use my arm without extreme pain. Over the course of 4 months, I have made remarkable progress. I want to thank Kelsey, Cole, Derrick and Sonia for everything they have done, encouraging me to reach my goals. I highly recommend Momentum Physical Therapy."
Oct 18, 2018
"Coming to Momentum was the best thing I could have done. Several friends highly recommended it and I see why. The staff is very professional and friendly. The atmosphere is calm and the knowledge of the therapies that really help is limitless. Horses in need have horse whisperers, dogs in need have dog whisperers and humans in need have Momentum!"
Oct 05, 2018
"this was wonderful!!! Everyone was so helpful!"
Oct 04, 2018
"Great care and treatment from Kelsey, Cole, Sonya and Felix. The sessions and instructions of what to do at home have me much improved and I should be back to normal very soon. Many thanks to the Momentum team!"
Oct 03, 2018
"Everyone at Momentum Rehab is wonderful! If ever I need rehab again I will call Momentum! They are the best!!!"
Sep 17, 2018
"I enjoyed the facility and all staff members! I will return if I need more therapy! I thank you all for everything!"
Sep 14, 2018
"Momentum is a great place for physical therapy. The staff was very helpful in utilizing the equipment. I feel much better now than the beginning. I do recommend this facility to others that is in need of rehabilitation."
Sep 13, 2018
"Professional and Effective............ Very Encouraging"
Sep 13, 2018
"This is my go to place whenever I have pain. They really take the time to figure out what is the best therapy for you. They come up with a personalized plan then adjust as you improve. Every therapist there is wonderful. I can't say enough good things about them."
Aug 31, 2018
"Momentum was very helpful. The people are wonderful and the exercises and treatment were not painful or too difficult. My knees are much better now ."
Aug 27, 2018
"Great place with great people! Every person at Momentum was great. Very knowledgeable and patient with me. I came to Momentum with back pain and after a few visits I am already feeling a lot better and having less back pain everyday. "
Aug 23, 2018
"Compassion and Results! Momentum’s staff is heads and tails above the rest. Nick and Cole provided expert level care. Sonia was always helpful and a pleasure to be around. I would (and have) recommend Momentum to anyone who needs PT. Thanks again!"
Aug 20, 2018
"I had great treatment at Momentum. 5-star in my book. Special bouquet to Kelsey for knowing when to be tough and when to be tender. Really pleased with my progress."
Aug 20, 2018
"Always responsive and caring, good results. "
Aug 02, 2018
Jul 18, 2018
"Nick is a true miracle worker! He also has an excellent staff. I am always recommending Momentum."
Jul 18, 2018
"Excellent place for physical therapy, the staff are very friendly and gives a warm welcoming. Thanks for being such a great nonjudgement place. 10 stars rating in my book."
Jul 04, 2018
"This is truly a great place to come, I was very tense and neck was in pain. Cole and Terra worked with me and did an amazing job. I will be returning for just a massage. They are all very kind here and treats you with care. Thanks for all you have done for me. Doris"
Jun 22, 2018
"The treatment was very effective and pleasant. I believe I am doing better and will continue to improve. Staff was very kind and gentle. Very Good."
Jun 20, 2018
"The folks at Momentum are fantastic, professional, & efficient, with just the right balance of challenging/stretching/healing touches. They helped me get to a much stronger place with substantially less pain. Bonus: it’s such a pleasant, friendly atmosphere....and did I mention there’s popcorn on Fridays? "
Jun 13, 2018
"Everyone here was effective, kind, and professional when dealing with my lower back issues. I am doing much better since starting therapy here."
Jun 12, 2018
"I have made a lot of progress in the three weeks that I have been under the care of Momentum. I have resumed workouts at my gym and I am taking classes there. The work at Momentum has helped quite a lot in that regard. The work here has shown what types of exercises I need to do and how to do those exercises. I recommend Momentum without reservation."
Jun 07, 2018
"I had a great experience at Momentum. I came in with a significant amount of pain and within three weeks it was minimal. I appreciated that the therapists did a lot of manual work as well as stretching and exercises. The dry needling was especially beneficial and Cole is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and a great therapist. "
Jun 07, 2018
"If you need physical therapy, I highly recommend Momentum Physical Therapy. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and patient with you. They are delightful to work with and I always look forward to my appointments."
Jun 05, 2018
"I had an incredibly delightful experience. The staff were all professional therapist. The environment was comfortable and welcoming. The atmosphere helped me improve my condition!"
Jun 04, 2018
"I can say experience at Momentum was excellent and wonderful. The staff is wonderful and very helpful they also gave me some exercises to do when my muscles start to hurt again. Overall, I love it here. Thank you for the service."
May 16, 2018
"My experience was very good!"
May 16, 2018
"The employees at Momentum were very professional and knowledgeable. I appreciated their kindness and willingness to assist. "Hat's Off""
May 15, 2018
"I really enjoyed my therapy, my back and foot are much better thanks to the staff. Keep doing a great job!!!!!"
May 14, 2018
"The overall staff was always ready and available when I needed them. The atmosphere was extremely pleasant and the staff was very friendly and courteous. I love my visits and enjoyed coming. I feel as though I was with family and friends. "
May 09, 2018
"Great Experience!! All staff is knowledgeable, friendly and patient. But still firm. I got great results!!"
May 09, 2018
"The people and atmosphere at Momentum Physical Therapy are top notch! They are so knowledgeable and helpful. Very professional and kind. I would highly recommend them."
Apr 30, 2018
"Love it here - very knowledgable & helpful. My hip feels 100% better. Would recommend to anyone."
Apr 17, 2018
"Substantive progress to alleviate neck pain (degenerative disks) by exercises & manage and increase flexibility/mobility in neck. Driving is much easier. Some progress t alleviate pain & increase mobility in right rotator cuff."
Apr 09, 2018
"everything was excellent!"
Apr 09, 2018
"Five stars for all aspects of care great group of PTs would use them again in a heartbeat!"
Apr 04, 2018
"I am currently in physical therapy at another facility and I don't get the care that I did at Momentum. I can honestly say that there is NO PLACE like Momentum when it comes to quality in physical therapy care."
Apr 03, 2018
"Everyone at Momentum was extremely attentive to my needs and provided wonderful care. I would recommend this group to anyone with physical therapy needs. "
Apr 03, 2018
"Great and feeling awesome "
Mar 29, 2018
"The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone was helpful. I enjoyed!"
Mar 28, 2018
"I really did enjoy everything about this place from beginning to the end. Thanks so much for everything. "
Mar 08, 2018
"This is my home away from home. Encouragement abounds around me!"
Feb 27, 2018
"Excellent physical therapy provided."
Feb 26, 2018
"The therapists are great at pushing/ encouraging you to give it your best. Everyone is friendly, professional, and they care about helping you to get better "
Feb 23, 2018
"They were very supportive and encouraging."
Feb 21, 2018
"Great place! Excellent care. You're not a number, you're a person here. I loved my therapist so much I brought her roses on the last day!"
Feb 21, 2018
"This is my second time to use Momentum Rehab for PT and I am even more impressed this time than previously. Dr. Dickerson is an excellent practitioner and has brought me much relief post surgery. My pain has been relieved and my range of motion is much improved. I'd like to acknowledge Lucas for his excellent guidance throughout my therapy and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Connie and Sonia have been very nice to work with as well and I appreciate their professionalism. "
Feb 20, 2018
"Wonderful experience - everyone was so helpful - the program worked - Nick was great - recommend Momentum as the best."
Feb 20, 2018
"This is my second time to work with the therapist at Momentum. It has been a great experience. All the therapist i worked with were extremely knowledgeable and very helpful in helping me reach my goal. I would highly recommend working with group. Plus Nick makes every holiday so much fun!"
Feb 20, 2018
"My treatments were excellent."
Feb 19, 2018
"The staff was very good!"
Feb 14, 2018
"Excellent staff. Very helpful in explaining thing to me - always ready for me when I arrive - very courteous lady at the front desk."
Feb 12, 2018
"Wonderful; helpful!!!!!"
Feb 05, 2018
"very professional, caring and helpful people"
Jan 22, 2018
"Did everything right"
Jan 18, 2018
"Momemtum Rehab is EXCELLENT. They really work to help you."
Jan 10, 2018
"This place is very awesome"
Jan 05, 2018
"The staff at Momentum Rehab is wonderful. They have helped me overcome back troubles due to a car accident and I am now able to get back to my normal routine prior to the accident without pain. I would highly recommend a consultation with any of their staff. "
Dec 29, 2017
"Therapy has been excellent, everything that you all saw that needed to be done was for-fulled! The one on one treatment was great since I had a stroke, you all have very high quality service and I will return in 2018. My wife loved popcorn Friday and she tell everyone about Momentum. Everyone get an A especially Cole and Sonia my favorites! Happy Holiday and may the Lord bless you all!! Thanks everyone."
Dec 22, 2017
"The therapist were excellent with the patients and had great bed side manners. They helped with my neck improvement and I am much better."
Dec 19, 2017
"Great Service. Very attentive and very kind. Would go back again. The staff works together and makes for a very great atmosphere. Kudos to everyone."
Dec 14, 2017
"The physical therapists and techs at Momentum are consummate professionals. They were motivating and made we want to do my best, but they were also lots of fun. "
Dec 01, 2017
"My experience convinces me that the physical therapists Momentum and tech. at Momentum are true professional one time with them meant a great experience with my back pain. I will recommend Momentum to anyone wanting therapy in a caring setting, and it was actually fun there!"
Nov 30, 2017
"Best therapy place I've attended and I have been to 3 others."
Nov 30, 2017
"Very good service!"
Nov 29, 2017
"Momentum made the rehab experience both pleasant and successful. The staff was professional and personable as well as very competent. The facilities were always clean and well organized. I would definitely recommend Momentum Rehab. "
Nov 29, 2017
"Momentum has been very encouraging in helping me regain movement/flexibility back to my "back"!! They have given me the skills to do my part at home 🙂 "
Nov 21, 2017
"very good service!"
Nov 20, 2017
"Momentum is probably the only reason I am still walking. I have been coming here for probably 15 years and I can’t say enough good things about my PT treatments or the wonderful staff. I think PT has helped me more than my 4 surgeries and the staff and clients are so nice that it is always an enjoyable experience."
Nov 15, 2017
"Exceptional Customer Service!"
Nov 14, 2017
"Very positive experience and would highly recommend Momentum!"
Nov 07, 2017
"Unbelievable! Within 5 visits, I have been able to return to full activity, and I have been outfitted with an exercise regimen to prevent me from further injuring my back. "
Oct 30, 2017
"I am very pleased with my experience at Momentum! It was very convenient, and everyone was so kind, friendly, and helpful. Friday popcorn is a nice touch! :)"
Oct 20, 2017
"All the staff was very good, and if I need more therapy I will be back to Momentum!! The staff worked me very good."
Oct 20, 2017
"All the staff was very good, and if I need more therapy I will be back at Momentum!! The staff worked me very hard but it paid off, even if I cried some days ;)"
Oct 19, 2017
"I wouldn't change a thing everything was awesome! I feel so much better. Thanks everyone "
Oct 18, 2017
"Everything was excellent!!!!!"
Oct 17, 2017
" I am very pleased with my treatment here. The staff is very helpful warm and friendly, I will recommend them!"
Oct 17, 2017
"i have received the kind of excise need very much. all this in a pleasant atmosphere exercise instruction. i liked it."
Oct 16, 2017
"Great team, great treatment. I came in pain and left with energy to start an exercise regimen. Thanks guys!"
Oct 11, 2017
"My time here was very exciting. The specialist met all my needs to help with my pain. This therapy session was very very great!! Thank you guys so very much."
Oct 09, 2017
"Everything was great. Popcorn Fridays are the best."
Oct 06, 2017
Oct 05, 2017
"this is always a very positive experience. all personnel are friendly and well informed. thank you for your help and concern"
Oct 05, 2017
"My time here has been awesome! Very helpfully very friendly! "
Oct 05, 2017
"good job"
Oct 02, 2017
"My experience was fantastic. Met my goals and felt my therapists were skilled as well as personable. Thankful and feeling better."
Sep 29, 2017
"I had a very good experience and wish I could feel like I was whole again but guess that will come with me working at home."
Sep 28, 2017
"I had the best service ever! I would would recommend people to come here."
Sep 27, 2017
"Momentum is the place to be for any type of physical therapy. The staff is wonderful, they push you to have the need and wants to get better and heal very quickly.I highly recommend this facility to anyone that's has an on going injury or just wants a speedy recovery over their past or present injury. Thank you Momentum."
Sep 26, 2017