Physical Therapy Memphis TN


Momemtum Physical Therapy | Memphis TN

All treatments start with an initial evaluation performed by the physical therapist during the first visit. This consists of taking a history, then performing an examination. From this information, the therapist develops a treatment plan, with your input, which serves as a general strategy of how best to treat your condition. During the duration of your treatments, the plan is modified as needed based on your response to treatment in an effort to meet your goals for therapy.

A common misconception is that physical therapy is painful. Very few conditions we treat require uncomfortable procedures; in fact, most of what we do will lessen your pain, not increase it. We strive to make all of your treatment as comfortable as possible, and “no pain, no gain” is not our therapists’ philosophy. There are a few cases that require aggressive stretching or exercises, but we notify you well in advance of everything we plan to do, encourage your input, and stay within your threshold and tolerance; there are no surprises.

When you have improved and no longer need our services, we will discharge you with a printed home exercise program so you can continue your rehab and avoid any future problems. We also offer a Wellness Program where you can continue to exercise independently in our facility for a nominal monthly fee.