Physical Therapy Memphis TN


“There are two things that a good physical therapist must have – one is technical skill and the other is sincere care for each and every patient. Every single person at Momentum Rehab has both and then some. You become as part of the family, and what could become a painful experience becomes pleasant and encouraging. My 2 replaced knees and I thank all my friends that take such good care of us.”

Ruth S.

Momemtum Physical Therapy | Memphis TN

“To the crew at Momentum, I want to thank you all for the work you’ve done. It was like home away from home. I am still doing my exercises. Thank you !!!!!”

Marvin G.

“I’ve had PT / Rehab in a few facilities – in Memphis, PA, and NJ. Momentum is far, far better than these. The staff is terrific, explaining every exercise carefully and always there to “spot” me. No one let me slack, although everyone made sure I was not in pain. Best of all, the PT was successful – pain level is lower, leg is stronger, and my balance improved.”

Cathy R.

“Awesome time spent here!”

From Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire

“I have greatly improved from your professional service”

Cleo M.

“Thank you all very much for everything. May God continue to bless your healing ministry? Sincerely, with gratitude.”

Sister Rose

“I like everything about Momentum: especially the staff, equipment, friendly clients, peaceful ambiance, and great holiday celebrations. I was sent there a couple of years ago with severe neck and back pains and, since then, I’ve been going two or three times a week as a ‘well” client to do my exercises on the mat, floor, and machines. Keep up the good work, you guys!”

Miriam D.

“Mr. Pesce is my physical therapist. He treated me and was conscientious and thorough. He has great bedside manner and his staff is great. They were very interested in treating me and getting my treatment over. It was nice to have them release me and tell me what I needed to do to take care of myself without treating me forever.”

Mary T., from Angie’s list

“I I love this place”

Sara W.

“Wow. How can I express into words how awesome Nick and Barbra have been. The rehab I received was above and beyond any rehab I have received in the past. I never could have received such excellent service anywhere else. The care is on such a personal one on one. God has blessed Nick with this awesome calling. Barbra has such an great personality. I hate my time ran out.”

Nancy F.

“It is always comforting to know you are here because you always make me feel better. I love your whole office.”

Robin H.

“I can’t thank you enough for your help and excellent care. I am so thankful to have been referred here!”

Rachel F.

“Great team of therapists. Definitely will recommend friends and family to come here for rehab.”

Dennis H.

“I appreciated the caring and professional manner in which you performed your treatments. God bless you all.”

Edna C.

“I fully appreciate the sincerity and thoughtful therapy during the recent past 6 weeks. I’m optimistic I will continue to improve and my quality of life will become acceptable caliber. Very many thanks.”

Jay B.

The staff is fantastic. I am so much better now than when I just came in

Ruth V.

“Dear Momentum Staff:

What a great surprise, after being downtown suffering through another tedious meeting, your card truly brightened my day! Please know that all of your hard work is indeed inspiring, and all of you should be aware that what all of you do is a great service to all who pass through your door. Mmentum is all of you, you create an environment that is positive, safe, and rewarding. Please know that I was dreading 60 years old! All of you changed that. Yes, I am now a Momentum addict. I have never felt so good physically as well as my super disciplined mental state of mind. Thank you everyone, without all of you momentum would just be a rehab structure with machines. I can’t thank you enough as all of you have given me the best birthday present ever. Strength, health, sincere caring, and now laughing at 60! With love and gratitude.”

David H.

“Beyond my wildest expectations!! So improved. Thank you.”

Billie F.

“I love this place and all the people. I will tell other people about you. I appreciate all that you’ve done for me. What a blessing.”

Kimberly B.

“I will refer others to Momentum, and I am a blabbermouth.”

Margaret M.

“This has been a positive experience. Nick and the staff are wonderful. I am on my way to improvement. Thanks.”

Michelle C.

“Thanks for making me better.”

Ann N.

“The most wonderful staff I’ve ever been involved with. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!”

Debbie M.

“Loved everyone here. Always professional.”

Debra J.

“Becca is a super professional specialist and an amazing person. Thank you very much!”

Olga K.

“Wonderful group of people. I would recommend to anyone. Thanks for everything.”

Clint M.

“Best physical therapy I have ever received.”


“Enjoyable, comfortable and professional.”

Martha N.

“Good spiritual and peacable people. The best rehab therapy I have ever been to in my life.”

Carlos S.

“Thanks again for all your help and working with me. You all are outstanding professionals and provide great care. And, being a physical therapist, I know it when I see! I will definitely recommend you all to others. Thanks for helping me so much.”

Chioma U.

“Excellent staff.”

Gregory H.

“Couldn’t have been a better experience and treatment and results.”


“The staff is outstanding. They helped me so much. They helped my father and I will recommend them always.”

Jennifer S.

“Becca, Sonia, and Glinda really helped me. They were tough on me but great Thanks so much.”

Anne B.

“My therapist was very kind to me and all the people at Momentum are very professional.”

Bridget B.

“Momentum is a great place. They helped me in every area. I would recommend them to everyone I know.”


“MD Great experience! Thanks for your help in my recovery.”

Renee K.

“Wonderful! Staff is fabulous. I will recommend!!”

Mary P.

“The staff as a whole was very kind and professional.”

Claudia B.

“These people are the best. They provided the best service and everyone was very professional from the receptionist, the assistants, and the PT themselves. I highly recommend momentum to anyone needing physical therapy. Special thanks to Bo (PT) for taking the time to explain my injury and the things I needed to do to get better and also taking the time to call to check on me.”

Shawn C.

“Today was our 1st day… Great people!! My husband is excited to get physical therapy started this week.. We met Beau today and just loved him!! Thank you for your dedication and we look forward to working with you!!!”

Selena C.

“Smart, great people at Momentum! Thanks to them, I’m healed and walking without crutches!! They’re the best!”

Peggy M.